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In line with my philosophy of practicing medicine, I have always looked for ways to include natural ways of healing, cleaning and beautifying. The chemicals in the products that we use affect our body slowly but surely. This post is an effort to satisfy my patients' wh...

March 31, 2014

Have you been trying to lose weight by exercising or by trying different radical diets? Do you feel like it is a losing battle? Many people call our clinic asking about weight loss treatments and what we do for the patients. I am going to try and explain what the word...

March 26, 2014


The wind is blowing in Vegas and that is an allergy sufferer nightmare. If you are one of our dear allergy victims, this post is for you!

The natural drug-free ways to get relief.

1. Increasing intake of greens rich in iron and vitamin C are ways to improve your immunit...

January 9, 2014


This patient was sufering from residual joint pain after a fever and the pain lasted for many months without letting up. She was helped with homeopathy and the case was published in thehomeopathic journal, hpathy.com. Follow the link to read about this case.


January 9, 2014


A patient that was asthmatic for many years was treated in our clinic and the case was publishd in a homeopathic journal called hpathy.com

Follow the link to read up on this patient,


December 24, 2013


Gut health is very important for the well being of every organ in your body. Nutrient absorption and proper elimination depend on gut health and vice versa. For various problems like heart burn, acid reflux, regurgitation of food, abdominal cramping, vomitting, bloati...

November 15, 2013


If your child has a concussion from a fall or if he/she gets hurt and has a big bruise or for cuts and abrasions, what do you do? Here are some common remedies to have handy for those unfortunate moments.


If a child falls and has a bump in the head, usually we look fo...

October 3, 2013


If you have children at home, they probably will catch a cold or two this winter season and that is perfectly normal. A child's immune system develops by exposure to different microorganisms in the early stages. When you child or you get a cold, do you just have to wa...

August 10, 2013


Now that summer is almost over, we will have the flu season in our hands soon and along with it the advertisements for flu shots all around us. Should you get a flu shot or not? How beneficial it is or not?

First let us understand what an infection is before we analyze...

July 10, 2013


A few years ago, every family had a doctor called, "The family doctor". Whenever someone falls sick in the family, the family doctor would know everything about each member in the family and take care of the problem at that time.The doctor would know the diet and life...

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May 1, 2013

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