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Case histories of patients with Sciatica

Patient 1

A 86 year old female came to our clinic with severe sciatic pain that did not relent even with narcotics for more than 2 years. She was looking for an alternative to prescription drugs that would help her pain. She had  burning pain on the left side from her buttock to her legs. Her pain was making it difficult for her to even walk and sleep. Her case history was taken in detail and a homeopathic remedy was prescribed. She also complained of gastric problems and she was asked to make dietary changes along with treatment. The patient was followed up only for 2 months after the intial consultation. The patient said her symptoms were 65% better during the first follow up and in the second follow up, she did not have any more pain on her left side. She was happy that her gastric complaints had also disappeared along with her sciatica.

Patient 2

A female of 48 years came to our clinic with sciatica and hormonal problems. She had PMS like symptoms even after her menopause and she also said that her sciatica on the left side was bothering her a lot. She was prescribed a remedy for all her problems and her sciatic pain disappeared in one month time and she was confident that her hormonal problems will also go away in time. She was treated for her hormonal problems for 8 months and her symptoms decreased in intensity as the months progressed during treatment and was last seen to be well without any of her complaints.

Patient 3

A female of 66 years came to our clinic with many problems along with sciatica. She has had chronic sciatica and at the time she was seen, she had an acute exacerbation. She was in severe pain that prevented her from doing her everyday work. She was seen by her primary care physician and was prescribed steroids. She wasn't happy with the same treatment that never cured the problem. She is still under treatment for her various problems like high blood pressure, diabetes etc, but her sciatic pain and acid reflux that she has had for years disappeared right after the treatment was started. She feels well and has been doing well with her other problems too as of now.



Betty - Las Vegas

I have suffered for so long with severe back pain, sciatica, sinus problems, acid reflux, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I no longer take 13 prescription medications that I was on for these ailments. The back pain and sciatica have ceased and as far the acid reflux, I have discontinued Omeprazole. The elevated blood pressure is under control. I feel so much better since, being under the care of Dr. Sridharan. My pain is gone and I feel so alive. I started seeing the doctor in Nov 2013 and in just 3 months, I can truly say that I am on the road to a healthy recovery.



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