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A. J - Las Vegas, Nevada

I took my daughter to Dr. Sridharan as she was becoming pre-asthmatic from allergies and was prescribed antibiotics and nebulizers


D.D - Henderson, Nevada

My child had a lot of food allergies and he wasn't thriving well because of that. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Sridharan


Lara - Las Vegas

I am a healthy 46 year old woman who was put on the hormone cream Premarin when I complained of vaginal dryness to my internist. The cream was tedious and messy, but it worked, to a degree.


J. B - Nevada

Almost four years ago, I fell down the steps and severely turned an ankle. Since then, I had made two emergency room visits, multiple x-rays, a MRI, two cortisone shots and seen four other "Specialists" who could not find a reason for my continued pain.


Albert.J - Las Vegas.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 45 and I was treated with steroids and pain killers for many years


Mrs M - Los Angeles, California

I have no words to express my thanks to Dr.Sridharan for her help and support during the course of my treatment. I had suffered from asthma for several years before seeing Dr. Sridharan,

Attention Deficit Disorder

Dina S - North Carolina

When my son was diagnosed with ADD I was out of sorts. As per his physician's instructions/prescription I started him on concerta after which he began losing sleep, losing appetite


I.M - Las Vegas

I brought my son to Dr. Sridharan, because he was diagnosed with autism. His symptoms were repetitive behavior and difficulty in concentration which was affecting his overall development and growth.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Debra - Las Vegas

Dr. Sridharan is an amazing doctor! I truly believe she is the only reason I am able to do my job. I use computers for 8-14 hours daily. At the time I met Dr. Sridharan, I had severe pain in both my hands and arms.


Jane. B - Las Vegas

I am a 72 year old female who has been under homeopathic treatment for many problems since I was very young.

Cluster Headache

Jerry.K - Illinois

I used to suffer from cluster headaches and it is the most severe type of pain that I have had in my life. I was told by my doctor to use oxygen for the rest of my life and I didn't want to accept it.

Crohn's Disease

Jasmine N - Las Vegas

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 5 years ago and I attributed it to my diet, life style and stress. I was prescribed medications by a regular doctor


Angie - Las Vegas

I had depression and anxiety for many years after my husband's death and I was on prescriptions, but didn't feel well overall.


G.G - Seattle, Washington

I consulted with Dr. Sridharan when I came to visit my family in Vegas. I had suffered from anxiety and depression for many years and had severe vomitting and



Juan - Las Vegas

My experience with Dr. Sowmya was a great one, I was having problems with stress, anxiety and panic attacks.


Ear infections

R.D - Las Vegas

I brought my daughter to Dr. Sridharan for recurrent ear infections. The doctors had recommended ear tubes to prevent future infections


Sally B – Las Vegas

I would like to thank Dr. Sridharan for her undivided attention and a very thorough consultation of my daughter. My daughter was having stomach pains and after taking her to the emergency room

Hashimoto's thyroiditis

H.S - California

I had Hashimoto's thyroiditis and I was in the impression that it is incurable and I can only manage my symptoms all my life.

Hormonal Imbalance

Janice - Las Vegas

I had been on Hormone Replacement Therapy for 28 years, suffering with weakness,pain, and limited range of motion in my hip.


C.J – Las Vegas

Thank goodness for Dr. Sridharan. I suffered for years from monthly hormonal PMS that included symptoms like depression.


Lara - Las Vegas

I am a healthy 46 year old woman who was put on the hormone cream Premarin when I complained of vaginal dryness to my internist. The cream was tedious and messy, but it worked, to a degree.


S. G - Georgia

I have suffered from psoriasis, a skin condition for many years and have gone through bouts of steroid treatments to no avail.


Betty - Las Vegas

 I have suffered  for so long with sciatica, back pain, sinus problems, acid reflux, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I no longer take 13 prescription medications.


K.S - Las Vegas

I had severe pain and burning from shingles for 1 year before I found this homeopathic clinic. This doctor spent a lot of time to understand my problems before giving me a medicine in contrast to my conventional doctor.

Yeast and Urinary tract Infections

Mandy - California

I had recurrent yeast infections and urinary tract infections throughout my pregnancy, I had tried over the counter medications

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