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Case history of a child treated for Autism in our clinic

A male child, 5 years of age came to our clinic with the diagnosis of Autism from Early Intervention. The mother reported that the child was normal until the age of 14 months. He had good eye contact, attained all milestones correctly and started talking a few words at the age of 12 months. She said, he started regressing after 14 months. Since his birth, he had recurrent ear infections, eczema and upper respiratory tract infections. He was prescribed many courses of antibiotics and was also on a 6 month course of low dose antibiotics at the time the symptoms started. He was always withdrawn and was having difficulty in social situations. He liked to do things repetitively and played with cars all day long. He also had symptoms similar to OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) where he had to close and open doors or turn light and fan switches on and off repeatedly. He also had difficulty in focusing when in school, but did better with a therapist at home. He would get restless and emotional if he was not allowed to do it. He had almost no speech except some unintelligible words. He couldn't communicate his needs, except by taking his mother to what he wants. He had good appetite and thirst. He was always energetic and liked to do things. He was generally happy except when he was not allowed to do what he wanted. He was chronically constipated and still had recurrent ear infections and upper respiratory tract infections. The parents were doing Behavioral therapy along with homeopathic treatment.

The child was treated for antibiotic overload and also symptoms of Autism. He improved slowly, but steadily. Advice was given to do gluten free diet for the child for a short period of time after which he was resumed slowly on foods with gluten to help him readjust to be able to digest those foods effectively. He started talking words after 3 months of treatment, his recurrent infections became non existent and he was calmer and was able to focus in school. After 2 years of treatment, the child has completely recovered from autism and has no social and behavioral issues or the OCD behaviors. The child was also slowly exposed to main stream schooling along with special education. He now attends main stream school and is able to focus well in the school with many distractions around him.


Testimonial of a parent

I.M - Las Vegas


I brought my son to Dr. Sridharan, after he was diagnosed with autism. His symptoms were repetitive behavior and difficulty in concentration which was affecting his overall development and growth. With Dr. Sridharan's expert advise and homeopathic treatment, within couple months, his repetitive behaviors had come down by 80%. He is able to focus better at school and also doing well socially. I can't thank Dr. Sridharan enough for all her help, care and expertise.

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