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Case history of patients successfully treated for Depression and anxiety in our clinic.

Patient 1

Patient A, Female suffered from depression and Chronic Fatigue for the past 2 years. She also complained of loss of appetite and Joint pains in her wrist and fingers. The depression started after her second child diagnosed with autism. She felt inadequate in raising her children and suffered a lot of guilt. She felt, she was incapable of helping him and it made her restless and impatient. She realized her behavior affected her child and hence felt she was making the problem worse. She had no interest in going out, but did not like being indoors. She had no interest in cooking or doing the chores. She felt sleepy during the day and night, but even on sleeping for many hours she felt unrefreshed. She felt better when she listened to spiritual music or when she was helpful to others in her church. She felt scared and anxious if her husband wenr out of town on work. She constantly feared for her kids and she had to know where they were every minute of the day. She felt generally better if her house was clean, but she had a hard time keeping it that way.

Ms. A’s brother was killed when he was 13 years in a street fight and her mother had struggled with that loss for many years. She was afraid she will lose her child and she wouldn’t be able to live after that. She has dreams of satanic powers trying to tear her family apart.

After hearing the patient’s history, the theme of family and security played again and again and a remedy to help her let go of her worries was prescribed along with counseling. The patient responded very well to treatment and had taken up a part time job to feel better about herself. Her emotional health improved along with joint pains. In 2 months time, the patient reported that her joint pains were non existent. Her energy levels had improved and the sadness only affected her during night time on and off. She was also adviced to eat a well balanced diet and start a exercise regimen. She continued to report improvement with treatment and did not have any depression or joint pains and was followed up for 6 months after which she was asked to wean herself off the remedy and the patient reported back that her symptoms didn’t return.


Patient 2

A young girl of age 19 yrs was brought to us by her mother, because she was severely depressed, anxious and suicidal. Her mother was also a patient in our clinic and she could not see her daughter live a life with no joy. The girl said there is no point in life and she just wished her life ended at that moment. She went on to complain how her life was full of troubles and everday was a burden. She had no appetite, did not sleep for more than couple hours a night, had no energy to do anything and was just a sad sight. The patient did not even want to discuss her troubles. After talking to her for more than an hour, the patient started opening up and said that her complaints started after she broke up with her boyfriend.

After analysing her case history, she was prescribed a homeopathic remedy that was especially suited for her basic nature and the current complaints. She came back in two months time to report that her life had become good and that troubles don't trouble her anymore. She started singing and dancing in the house (her mother reported) and took up a modeling job and went on to become a tattoo artist. She was so happy and joyful and started eating well, sleeping well and had a lot of energy. It was one of those happy moments in which we realized our job was rewarding.


Patient 3

A Female of 23 years was brought to our clinic by her parents for her anxiety. The patient was going through an anxiety attack at the time she was brought in. The patient started having anxiety attacks after her boyfriend left her one morning without telling her. She didn’t have a clue that the relationship was going to end until he left with all his things when she woke up. Since then, she had anxiety attacks that started when she woke up and would go on for hours or even the whole day with vomiting and diarrhea and inability to talk or do anything. The patient was very emaciated and pale and had no energy to talk during the consultation. She couldn’t eat or sleep during the days of her attack and was also suicidal. She felt constant fear and had to please everyone. If anyone criticized her, she felt unloved and her anxiety attacks would become frequent. During her attacks, consolation and sleep helped. She sleeps all day and still doesn’t have the energy to do any work and hence she stopped working. She was an artist and she had no desire to do her work too. She had no appetite, no sense of thirst, was chronically constipated and was always sleepy and lethargic. She had fear of losing her current boyfriend and her dad with whom she was very close. She felt secured around her dad and felt happy on their camping trips. She lived in a different state away from her dad and her talk over the phone with him calms her down. She tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrists and also by ingesting poison. She said she had no joy in living and was a burden to everyone around her.

The patient was prescribed a remedy made from herbs that fit her presenting complaints and also her history. The patient showed dramatic improvement in the frequency of anxiety attacks within a month of starting the treatment. She only had 10 anxiety attacks in a month compared to having one almost every day. She also happily reported that the vomiting and diarrhea associated with the attacks had also decreased in frequency and it happened only 3 times in those 10 attacks. Her appetite was better, but not where she wanted it to be, her bowel movements were getting to be regular. She still slept a lot, but was not always sad and had her happy moments. She felt hopeful for the first time in many years that she will get well soon. The patient was followed up for a 9 months, at the end of which, she had almost no anxiety attacks for the past 2 months and she was looking better physically, had good appetite, started painting again and was looking for avenues to promote herself. She even said that she was becoming more assertive and didn’t want her to be treated like a door mat. She demanded respect and was calm and confident. The patient discontinued treatment suddenly as per her boyfriend’s advice and was brought back to us again after several months by her parents as she was falling back in to her problems. She was treated again for 3 months and was advised to wean herself off the remedy slowly to let her body take over, as she improved markedly with no symptoms of anxiety.



Angie - Las Vegas

I had depression and anxiety for many years after my husband's death and I was on prescriptions, but didn't feel well overall. I wanted to find an alternative medical doctor and went to this clinic. The doctor surpassed all my expectations with the care she showed to me and the passion with which she treated me. The doctor even personally called me a week after my first consultation to see how I was doing and If I had any questions for her. I don't write reviews for anything/anybody in general, but this is an exceptional doctor and I had to write this. I wish many more doctors really cared about their patients.


G.G - Seattle, Washington

I consulted with Dr. Sridharan when I came to visit my family in Vegas. I had suffered from anxiety and depression for many years and had severe vomitting and diarrhea everyday from anxiety. I was losing weight and had no energy to do anything. Dr. Sridharan was very caring and patient. She helped me understand my problems and suggested small changes to my diet and also gave me a homeopatic remedy. I followed up with her every month by phone and she was always available to me when I had questions or concerns. She helped me through the months every step of the way and I stopped having anxiety and panic attacks in 2 months time. The feeling of constant restlessness and fatigue had become unnoticeable. I started working on my paintings again and even went out to have my own stall at the local market. I can't thank the doctor enough for her help. My life has blossomed once again and I have found happiness and joy without being drugged.


Juan - Las Vegas

My experience with Dr. Sowmya was a great one, I was having problems with stress, anxiety and a form of panic attacks. The natural medicine that she had me take helped me control the anxiety, stress & panic attacks rating from a 10 to a 2. I’m living my life better and in my work I feel more efficient. I control my emotions like never before by separating what’s reality and what isn’t.


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