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Dr. Sridharan is an active member in the community and she continuously participates in spreading health information through public talks, radio interviews, TV interviews and her publications. Dr. Sridharan has written articles on successfully treated cases in Homeopathic magazines. Follow the links to read the articles.


Dr. Sridharan's passion and devotion to her practice was recognized by the Nevada Pageant Magazine and an article was published about her practice. Follow the link and go to pages 32 & 33 to read the full article.


Videos on different health topics discussed by Dr. Sridharan.

Talk on how to learn to be your own doctor - Get your health on 

Homeopathy 101 - Difference between conventional and homeopathic medicine. How to choose your doctor and treament modality.

What is disease? What are the different types of diseases?Should you get vaccinated? What is the best diet for optimal health?


Various topics for your health

Homeopathic Cures - Treatment of various disorders like Food allergies, Autoimmune disorders, ADHD, Autism, Shingles and more..

Various health topics discussed on Health conspiracy radio

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