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What is Health?

Is health just the absence of disease? I have had many patients that tell me time and time again, "Doctor, I am very healthy, but I don't feel energetic, I am constantly tired, I don't have the motivation to do things and I don't feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning. Is it because of a deficiency in vitamins? Shoud I start on a multivitamin regimen?"

What is feeling well mean? Healthy is not the absence of disease, feeling well and healthy means you have the energy consistenly during the day, you feel vibrant and jubilant, you feel positive and have the vigor for Life.

Why do we have such symptoms even in the absence of disease? Health starts in the cellular level, not on the organism level or even the organ level. A healthy cell does its function properly by following the commands of the central intelligence of the cell(DNA) and by producing enough energy(ATP) in each cell. Many a times, we don't come down with a disease even though many cells are deranged, because the other cells try to make up for the defective cells. But we feel symptoms of unwell, fatigue, not able to sleep well etc. Is this a healthy state? Your body is giving you tell tale signs of the disease that is forthcoming in the future. If the cellular defect is not identifed, it will lead to disease in the future.

What do we do to improve cellular health then? Do we only need multivitamins to improve our cellular health? Follow the recipe in my next blog post everyday to improve your cell health and live vibrant.

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