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Case of cataract treated successfully in our clinic

A 68 year old male came to our clinic with progressive cataract in both eyes with significant development of cataract and blurriness of vision associated with it. The patient was recommended to have surgery with in 6 months by the opthalmologist. The patient was treated with a homeopathic remedy and topical eye drops for 8 months and his cataract had dissolved 50%. The blurriness of vision had cleared up. The opthalmologist suggested the patient to wait and see if the cataract would completely be absorbed. The patient did not have the surgery and still is seeing clearly with very little cataract in both eyes.What your body produces, it also removes it. When your body is balanced, it repairs itself and becomes healthy again.



Jane. B - Las Vegas

I am a 72 year old female who has been under homeopathic treatment for many problems since I was very young. When I was 65 yrs old, I started developing cataract and since then I have used homeopathic drops and remedies and haven't had to have a surgery. I am glad I found Dr. Sridharan.


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