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Gut health

Gut health is very important for the well being of every organ in your body. Nutrient absorption and proper elimination depend on gut health and vice versa. For various problems like heart burn, acid reflux, regurgitation of food, abdominal cramping, vomitting, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and excessive gas, there are many natural remedies that can help relieve the symptoms and also reverse the problem and improve the gut health.

A juice fast for a whole day once every fortnight is a good practice to keep the digestive system healthy. It helps in eliminating any buildup from before and also gives the organs the well deserved rest.

For people who suffer from bloating and acid reflux etc..a capsule of activated charcoal will absorb the excessive gas and acid and even the toxins and relieve the symproms quickly without the need for prescriptions.

For chronic constipation, colloidal bentonite 2 tbsps at night and psyllium husk 1 tbsp with 8 oz of water in empty stomach will relieve constipation and also remove bad bacteria and toxins.

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