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Case Histories of patients treated for Insomnia

Patient 1

A male aged 23 years came to us with the complaints of inability to sleep for the past 2 months. He said that he hadn't slept for more than 2 hours a night at the most in that period and he was unable to drive or go to work because of that. He was also starting to get anxious, had loss of memory and constant fatigue. He said that the problems started after a change of job and change of place 2 months ago. He was nervous and stressed out about his job at that time, but the problem continued to persist even after he had adjusted well to the surroundings and his new job. He said he was not stressed out anymore, but he could not sleep. He was advised to take Vitamin B supplement along with a exercise regimen and regular exposure to sunlight for the absorption of Vitamin D along with a homeopathic remedy to calm and relax him. He was followed up after a week, the patient reported that he was sleeping 5-6 hours at night, but still did not feel refreshed when he woke up. He was asked to continue all the above said advise and in 2 weeks time, he was sleeping normally, woke up refreshed and had more sustained energy throughout the day.


Patient 2

A female aged 43 years came to our office with insomnia, pre menopausal symptoms and mood swings. She said that she just wanted to sleep as she had been struggling with the problem for 2 years. She had a complete hysterectomy 2.5 years ago and since then the problems started. As she did not have her ovaries intact, she was recommended bio-identical hormones for the body to adjust to the sudden change in the hormonal profile. She was also prescribed a homeopathic remedy to help her body adapt to the absence of hormones and she was slowly weaned off of the bio-identical hormones in 4 months time. She started sleeping well in 3 months time and continued to do so even after the hormones were completely removed. Her moods, hot flashes and night sweats improved too in the period.

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