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Case history of  a patient treated for shingles

A male aged 42 years was diagnosed with shingles and he has had the condition for 1 year before he came to see us. He was on anti viral medications and pain killers, but to no avail. He had a skin rash on his chest that extended to his back. As shingles usually is, it was very painful, even to wear a shirt and he also had a lot of itching and burning sensation in the region. Shingles started after a lot of stress in his life. The patient was treated to manage stress along with homeopathic remedy that will help make his immune system stronger and the pat started feeling better with pain and itching in a month's time. He still had some tenderness on the rash, but the severity had reduced tremendously. Within 3 months of treatment, the patient was 90% better with residual pain that was very mild and also the rash had also reduced in size by 95%. The patient was followed up after 3 months again and he was doing well at that time with no symptoms of shingles.



K.S - Las Vegas

I had severe pain and burning from shingles for 1 year before I found this homeopathic clinic. This doctor spent a lot of time to understand my problems before giving me a medicine in contrast to my conventional doctor. The medicine against my belief worked wonders. I started feeling better right away and my pain became less severe in 2 months and the pain disappeared comply in 6 months time. I am so grateful to not only get rid of my problem, but also to have more energy and better health now.


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