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Case history of a patient with Asthma treated successfully in our clinic

A male patient of 43 years came to our clinic with complaints of Asthma all through his life. He was prescribed stronger inhalers and steroids but to no avail. He wanted to try a different approach in treating his disease. Patient complained of Asthma attacks all through the year with extreme aggravations during spring and summer months. His attack was also brought on by the slightest physical exertion such as walking a block and exposure to allergens or dust. Even driving his car with an open window would bring on an attack. His asthma attacks were also triggered by fried foods, apple, banana and sweets. Patient also had eczema in his skin and it was aggravated when the asthma symptoms were worse. He had poor food habits and life style when he came to the clinic. He was single and didn't feel the necessity to buy produce or cook a meal for himself. His sleep was disturbed due to difficulty in breathing during the night on days of the attack. He said he felt completely out of balance and lethargic and lifeless.

The patient was prescribed a remedy to treat his asthma and allergy symptoms. He was also adviced changes in his diet and life style. The patient followed all the advice given to him religiously and at the first month follow up, he reported that he didn't have to use his nebulizers or inhalers as he didn't have a single asthma attack during the month. The patient had a set back when he started eating highly processed foods on a everyday basis after a few months. The strength of the remedy was increased at this time and the patients was adviced to be careful with his foods and add apples and bananas into his diet. Patient didn't have any symptoms with the apple or the banana in the next follow up. Patient remains healthy till date and has not had the need to use inhalers or nebulizers.



Mrs M - Los Angeles, California

I have no words to express my thanks to Dr.Sridharan for her help and support during the course of my treatment. I had suffered from asthma for several years before seeing Dr. Sridharan, I had used Nebulizers/Inhalers and Steroids but nothing helped me. I also had food and environmental allergies. I turned to Dr.Sridharan for treatment, since then I have seen nothing but improvement, in my overall health. My immunity has improved by leaps and bounds and I have more energy to go through my day, I have been free of asthmatic attacks for the past 6 months.

An article by Dr. Sridharan, has been published about this case in an online homeopathic journal, please click on the link below to read about this case in detail.



Curtis - Nevada

I went to this doctor for my asthma and I was amazed to be off my steroids and nebulizers in 2 months which I had been on for 20+ years. Pretty amazing stuff, this Homeopathy

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