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Common homeopathic remedies to keep at hand

If your child has a concussion from a fall or if he/she gets hurt and has a big bruise or for cuts and abrasions, what do you do? Here are some common remedies to have handy for those unfortunate moments.

If a child falls and has a bump in the head, usually we look for symptoms like vomitting or excessive sleeping etc., but even if your child doesn't show any symptoms, it is better to give them a dose of a homeopathic remedy called ARNICA 200C, one pellet once a day for two days. This remedy prevents hematoma formation and dissolves any that has already formed.

For cuts and abrasions, the ointment/cream called CALENDULA should be applied and if it is very deep, then the same remedy in 30C can be administered 1 pellet twice that day. Calendula is an antibacterial and also fastens the healing and calms the wound.

For burns, CANTHARIS is the cream of choice. It reduces the burning immediately on use and prevents swelling and infection. Also it decreases the chances of scar formation.

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