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Homeopathy treats a person as a whole, as our body responds to any trigger factors as a whole. For eg., When a person loses someone dear to him, he can respond by developing shingles, diabetes, depression or any disorder depending on their susceptibility. Emotional, physical and environmental factors affect us as a whole and not just the organ that the disease appears in. Symptoms generally appear first in the weakest organ, which means that the whole system is out of balance and the symptom is only an indicator of the crisis of the whole body. Treating just an organ that is affected, only manages the symptom, understanding why the symptoms appeared in a particular organ and the causative factor for the disease will give permanent relief from the disease and restore balance in the physical, mental and emotional dimensions of a person. 
We treat most disorders and some of our specialties are listed below with case histories of patients treated successfully by Dr. Sridharan.


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