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Epilepsy - Seizure Disorder

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that from time to time produces brief disturbances in the normal electrical functions of the brain.

It can be caused after a head injury or after febrile seizures or due to unknown reasons.


Case histories of patients with seizure disorder treated in our clinic

Patient 1

A child aged 5 years had a febrile seizure which was followed by seizures without fever on a regular basis. The child lost consciousness during the seizures and had foaming in the mouth with tonic clonic convulsions of the left side of the body. The child was kept under observation by neurologists and precribed anti-epileptics for the problem. The parents started noticing behavioural problems like aggression and rage in a child who was otherwise very mellow and gentle. Also the doctor told them that the child will be on this medication for his life. The parents came to us with this history, after detailed case taking, the child was prescribed a homeopathic remedy and followed up every month for the next 3 months. The child did not have any episodes of seizure since the remedy was started and he was also weaned off of the anti-epileptics in a month's time. The child stays healthy upto date witout any further seizures.


Patient 2

A girl aged, 14 years was brought to us with seizures from unknown cause. She started having seizures suddenly and it was always preceeded by an aura of headaches and visual disturbances. She also had irregular periods and vitiligo along with her seizures. She followed a vey poor diet and had a irregular sleeping pattern. She was advised to change her diet and keep a regular sleeping schedule and prescribed a homeopathic remedy and was followed up for 6 months regularly and then on and off for another 4 months. She had one more episode of seizure in that time, but it was less intense. Since then she remains free of the episodes and her periods have also become regular with melanin pigmentation returning to the white spots of the vitiligo.


Patient 3

A man aged 28 years came to us as he started having seizures after a car accident. He had a concussion and several broken bones. The seizures were not preceded by an aura and he was on strong medications that prevented him from driving or going alone anywhere. His seizures would come on any time without any warning and hence the patient was worried about his safety. He was prescribed a homeopathic remedy to liquefy any blood clot inside the brain which is usually the cause of seizures after head injury. The patient was followed up for 6 months with no further episodes.



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