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Cell food Recipe

We see advertisements for cell food these days in most health food stores. What is cell food? If it is something different, then what are we feeding with the foods that we eat? It is just a fancy way of selling more supplements. All the foods that we eat get converted in to one or all of these three, glucose(carbohydrate), amino acids(proteins) and fatty acids(fats). Once the food gets converted into their subunits that can be absorbed into the blood, they are then taken to the cells and absorbed by them to convert the glucose into energy and also to do various other functions. Now that we understand that everything we eat is absorbed by our cells, the quality of the function of our cells depend solely on the quality of foods that we eat.

If you could make one change in your day, you will see the difference in your body's health.

Without further ado, here is the recipe for a breakfast smoothie. Replace one of your meals with this smoothie, even if you can't take it for your breakfast. Here is to feeling energetic and healthy all through the day. Cheers!

Refreshing Breakfast Smoothie


Baby Kale - 1 bunch

Spring mix - 1 bunch

Carrot - 1

Spinach - 1 bunch

Celery - 1 stick

Lemon - 1 slice with the rind

Ginger - 1/2 inch without the skin

Green grapes - 1 bunch

Apple - 1

Turmeric root - 1/2 inch

Flax seed meal - 1tbsp.

Chia seeds - 1 tbsp.

Orange juice - unpasteurized only - 1/2 cup (or water can be replaced)

Blend everything in a blender and drink it up for a vital body. Chia seeds and flax seeds are not required every time, but they add a boost to the smoothie and keeps you full longer.

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