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How would you choose your treatment options?

We see friends and family on prescription drugs customarily over the age of 50 these days. How did they end up on so many pills? Is that the only way to go? There is old Indian adage that says, food is your medicine and medicine is your food. Remember a few decades ago, if children fall sick, the parents would take them to their family doctor and get a medicine that would be taken for a few days after which the child becomes well and life goes on. Now children are taken to the doctor on a regular basis. Childhood diseases like measles, chicken pox which were acute and self limiting have been eradicated not just because of vaccines, but also because of personal hygiene. We have chronic childhood diseases these days and children are prescribed medications to take all their life. Do we have healthier kids now inspite of all the childhood vaccinations available? What should be the goal of any treatment? To make your body stronger and more efficient in overcoming the illness or to make the body deficient and be dependent on a external source for survival? So if you are sick, what would be the treatment modality that you would choose?

Conventional medicine treats the diseases by masking the symptoms, but never truly cures the problems. Conventional medicine makes you dependent on medications for life. Homeopathic medicine treats the cause of the disease and cures the problem effectively. Hence homeopathic medicines will be administered only for a short time until the body takes over. Also, during homeopathic treatment, every cell in your body is balanced and brought to health and hence the whole body is realigned to a more vital, strong and vibrant YOU!

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