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What is disease?

We call the diseases in a human body by various names, Diabetes, hypertension, cancer or even acute diseases like chicken pox, mumps etc. But what happens fundamentally in any disease? What gets affected? From my previous post, we know that health is essentially the cellular health. The same way, disease starts in a cell too. Lets consider the disease cancer, in cancer, cells divide uncontrollably in any given organ and grows and spreads to other organs through various ways in our body. Why did the cells in this organ divide uncontrollably one day? The intelligence of a cell is independent of our intelligence and this cellular intelligence contains all the information about the body and it commands the cell on its functions, how to do its function, when to divide and how many times to divide etc. When this central intelligence loses its information, the command it gives to the cell becomes haywire and hence the cell divides uncontrollably. This is applicable to other acute and chronic diseases too. When one cell gets affected, we don't feel it, but when millions of cells are deranged, the whole organ gets affected and we call them by different names as diseases.

We have many vaccines today for acute and even chronic diseases, but we still have kids and adults falling sick. How can we keep our body strong and resistant from these diseases? Follow my next post to learn the secret to be disease free!

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